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Create a COM port definition in the [ComPorts] section of the CPF.


CreateComport:Name=ComPortName[,Additional Properties]


CreateComport defines a COM port in the [ComPorts] section of the CPF. InterSystems IRIS® creates the defined COM port when processing the [Actions] section during a configuration merge. You can specify any possible COM port properties in the CreateComport definition. During the merge, InterSystems IRIS runs Config.ComPorts.Create()Opens in a new tab to create the COM port defined by CreateComport. It only requires you to define Name. The complete list of COM port properties is available in the class reference.

Changing this Operation

This operation is designed to be used during a configuration merge. You can change CreateComport by editing the merge file in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

See Terminal I/O for more information about COM ports.

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