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Angle Bracket <> Syntax

Describes how to use angle bracket <> syntax (with a XPath expression) to access virtual properties.

Where Applicable

You can use this syntax in business rules.


To use angle bracket syntax to access a virtual property, use the following syntax:



  • message is a variable that refers to the current message. The name of this variable depends upon the context.

  • xpathexpression is an XPath expression.

For example, a condition that uses an xpath expression to evaluate whether a string is in an XML document might be:

Contains(Document.Stream.</|name(/*)>, "00UK")

The preceding syntax is equivalent to the following:


GetXPathValues() is a convenience method in the rules engine. It operates on a message that contains a stream property whose contents are an XML document. The method applies an XPath expression to the XML document within the stream property, and returns all matching values. If the context| part of the XPath argument is missing, InterSystems IRIS searches the entire XML document.

If the syntax returns multiple values a, b, and c they appear in a single string enclosed in <> angle brackets, like this:


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