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InterSystems IRIS Data Platform 2019.3 / System Interoperability / Using Virtual Documents in Productions / Syntax Guide for Virtual Property Paths / Parenthesis () Syntax
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Parenthesis () Syntax

Describes how to use parenthesis () syntax to access virtual properties.

Where Applicable

You can use this syntax in business rules and in DTL transformations.


To use parenthesis syntax to access a virtual property, use the following syntax:
  • message is a variable that refers to the current message. The name of this variable depends upon the context.
  • multi-valued-property-path is a virtual property path that uses the repeating field shortcut () to iterate through every instance of a repeating field, as described earlier in this reference.
The preceding syntax is equivalent to the following method call:
If the syntax returns multiple values a, b, and c, they appear in a single string enclosed in <> angle brackets, like this:
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