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Grant an object privilege to a user.



Where a is a comma delimited string of actions to grant or * for all actions.

Where b is a comma delimited list of SQL object names or * for all objects.

Where c is Table, View, Schema, Stored Procedures, or ML Configuration.

Where d is a comma delimited list of users.


GrantPrivilege lets you grant an object privilege to users via this call instead of using the SQL GRANT statement. This does not include grant privileges. InterSystems IRIS® grants the privileges when processing the [Actions] section during a configuration merge. During the merge, InterSystems IRIS runs %SYSTEM.SQL.Security.GrantPrivilege()Opens in a new tab to grant the object privileges defined by GrantPrivilege.

Changing this Operation

This operation is designed to be used during a configuration merge. You can change GrantPrivilege by editing the merge file in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

See GRANT (SQL) for information on the SQL command.

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