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Revoke an object privilege from a user.



Where a is a comma delimited string of actions to revoke or * for all actions.

Where b is a comma delimited list of SQL object names or * for all objects.

Where c is Table, View, Schema, Stored Procedures, or ML Configuration.

Where d is a comma delimited list of users.


RevokePrivilege lets you revoke an object privilege to users via this call instead of using the SQL REVOKE statement. InterSystems IRIS® revokes the privileges when processing the [Actions] section during a configuration merge. During the merge, InterSystems IRIS runs %SYSTEM.SQL.Security.RevokePrivilege()Opens in a new tab to revoke the object privileges defined by RevokePrivilege.

Changing this Operation

This operation is designed to be used during a configuration merge. You can change RevokePrivilege by editing the merge file in a text editor (as described in Editing the Active CPF).

See Revoke (SQL) for information on the SQL command.

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