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Configuration Parameter File Reference
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Number of backups before InterSystems IRIS purges finished journal files.
[Compatability]    BackupsBeforePurge=n
The value defines when InterSystems IRIS purges a finished journal file (that is, a journal file that is no longer in progress). The value n is a number of successful InterSystems IRIS system backups that must take place before the corresponding journal files can be purged. The range is 0–10 backups. The default is 2 backups.
BackupsBeforePurge relates to DaysBeforePurge. If both are greater than 0, files are purged after n days or n successful backups, whichever indicates the shorter time period. If BackupsBeforePurge is 0, purging is done solely based on DaysBeforePurge; if DaysBeforePurge is 0, then purging is done solely based on BackupsBeforePurge. If both are 0, the automatic purging of journal files (and journal history) is disabled and journal files are not purged.
No journal file containing currently open transactions is purged, even if it meets the above criteria.
For details about journal files, see the “Journaling” chapter in the Data Integrity Guide.
Range of Values
0–10. The default is 2.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Journal Settings, in the When to purge journal files category, choose one of the following. Setting one of these values to a non-zero value in the portal causes the other to be set to 0:

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