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Configuration Parameter File Reference
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Default settings for COM ports.
[ComPorts]    COMn=a;b
The parameters COMn apply to Windows platforms only. These parameters define the default settings for COM ports. This enables remote logins to InterSystems IRIS through locally connected or modem connected serial ports.
The number n refers to the physical com port number. If the [ComPorts] section contains enough entries, n may have multiple digits.
Each COMn entry provides two semicolon-separated values that define the default settings for COM port number n. From left to right:
The following example of a [ComPorts] section shows how spaces can be used as values within the COM port control parameter:
COM1=       ;19200
The first example uses all defaults for the COM port control parameters, by providing seven spaces before the semicolon separator. The meaning is: No change to modem control, no change to bit size, no change to parity setting, no change to stop bit setting, no change to Flow control, no change to DTR state, no change to $ZA error reporting.
The second example provides a value of 1801X11 for the COM port control parameters. The meaning is: Use modem control, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, use Xon/Xoff flow control, enable DTR, enable $ZA error reporting.
Range of Values
As described above.
Management Portal
No equivalent.

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