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Configuration Parameter File Reference
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IP address for the InterSystems IRIS Superserver to bind to.
[Startup]    DefaultPortBindAddress=nnn.nnn.nn.nn (ip address) 
Specify an IP address for the superserver to bind to. Set to one of the host system's IP addresses. The superserver binds to that address. Requests to the superserver port on other IP addresses on the host are not accepted. This makes it possible to limit connections to the superserver to a single address on a multihomed host. The superserver is the process that accepts client connections for ODBC, JDBC, and other connection technologies. If this property is not set, the superserver accepts requests on all IP addresses on the host. The default is to accept on all addresses.
Range of Values
Valid IP address.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Startup, in the DefaultPortBindAddress row, select Edit.

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