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Configuration Parameter File Reference
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Foreground startup.
[Compatibility]    ProcessStart=n
Indicates whether or not InterSystems IRIS executes the LOGIN^%ZSTART routine entry at foreground process login.1 (true) enables execution of LOGIN^%ZSTART at foreground process login; 0 (false) disables it. The default is 1.
ProcessStart and ProcessHalt govern foreground processes. These are processes that are started via a terminal session or are specifically set to run in the foreground.
By contrast, JobStart and JobHalt govern background processes include any processes that are started via the JOB command, plus any background server processes including ODBC or any of the object bindings.
Also see SystemStart and SystemHalt.
Range of Values
0 or 1.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Startup, in the ProcessStart row, select Edit. Choose true or false.

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