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Configuration Parameter File Reference
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Set the number of seconds between keep-alive messages.
[SQL]    TCPKeepAlive=n
TCP Keep-Alive Interval; the number of seconds between keep-alive messages. The default is 300 seconds (5 minutes). The setting applies only to InterSystems IRIS running on Windows and Linux.
You can set this system wide setting from the InterSystems IRIS command prompt by calling:
Set statusCode = $SYSTEM.SQL.SetTCPKeepAlive(<seconds>, .oldVal)
For a TCP device, you can also specify this interval with the OPEN or USE commands, as the eighth parameter (for example: O tcp:("SERVER":port:mode:::::keepalive). or the keyword /KEEPALIVE=n. The OPEN command parameters for a TCP device are: hostname{:port{:mode{:terminators{:ibfsz{:obfsz{:queuesize{:keepalivetime}}}}}}}
For details about the OPEN and USE commands and arguments, including examples, see the ObjectScript Reference.
Range of Values
30–432,000 (5 days). The default is 300. If the value is less than 30, the setting uses 30. If the value is 0, the setting treats this as if it were unset and uses the operating system default.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > SQL and Object Settings > SQL, enter a value for the TCP keepalive for client connections (seconds) setting.

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