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Configuration Parameter File Reference
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Size and configuration of the $ZF heap.
[config]    zfheap=a,b
The $ZF heap is used for output parameters in a callout function using $ZF. For details, see the chapter “Creating a Callout Library” in Using the Callout Gateway.
Two comma-separated values configure the $ZF heap. From left to right:
The formula for calculating zfheapsz based on zfstrsz is as follows:
zfheapsz = (BytesPerCharacter * zfstrsz) + 2050
For example, if zfstrsz has the default value, 32767:
Intersystems recommends that this parameter be set to 0,0.
Range of Values
As described above.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > Additional Settings > Advanced Memory:

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